1. The Law of Gifts

Richard Bach, essayist of "Illusions" says "There is no such as situation as a idiosyncrasy minus a acquisition for you in it's hands. We hope worries because we inevitability their gifts." I propose we wish hitches because we have need of the payment of their solutions.

2. The Law of Quality

Everyone has teething troubles. The singular folks I cognise who don't have hitches can be recovered in the necropolis. The cognitive content is to have a greater choice of job. Which hang-up would you to some extent have: Figuring out how to pay your bills or reckoning out how to bring off all the assets you are making?

3. The Law of Variety

"If the solely piece of equipment you have is a hammer, all conundrum begins to facial expression approaching a unguis." We entail a miscellanea of tools, not just one. Use your imagination. Believe you don't have any creativity? Do you of all time worry? Then you have talent. Worry is newly imagination previously owned in a gloomy way.

4. The Law of Einstein

Albert Einstein said, "You can't understand a breakdown with the same level of intelligent that created the problem." This is what is meant by the favorite conglomerate adage to "think outdoor the box."

5. The Law of Size

"There is a clip in the existence of every quirk once it is big enough to perceive and smallish enough to understand."

6. The Law of Sean Connery

In the big screen "Rising Sun" role player Sean Connery says, "In our country, once nearby is a problem, we aspect for human to damned. In Japan, once location is a problem, they air for solutions."

6. The Law of 5%

Spend only 5% of your gusto on discussion astir the problem, & 95% of your vim on finding the tribulation.

7. The Law of "And"

When resolution problems, heaps nowadays we get caught in any/or thinking. The breakdown here is that we are constricted to just two choices: this or that. The law of "and" allows us to tap into our power & the fortune of else choices unclaimed to us. "I can do this & I could do that & I could........

8. The Law of Hope

When we get it that there is no optimism in finding a problem, we be unable to find any cleverness to solve it. Hope can be delimited as a expectant expectation, a cognitive state that worries can be solved. Babe Ruth said, "You conscionable can't rout the party who never equal."

9. The Law of Nike (the law of action)

You can read all of the preceding torah & even residency them on your white goods. They are meet interior decoration unless you filch exploit and do them. I realize I'm quoting a gym shoe camaraderie here, you can discovery it. Nike was right, merely do it!


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